Saturday, April 17, 2010

love..or something like it

what do u think about love.i personaly think i no longer believe in love.for me,love is just an illusion we creat in ourself to humour our brain into believeing something that will make us happy.however quite often than not,many of people who fall for this illusion find thierself to be hurt by the very thing that supposedly make them feel good.quite a few great empire,great people,great fallen and succumb just because of this love,is love really a good thing.well,what happened to lots of marriage that based on love that crumble and end up with divorce.if love is real,can love fade away..can love destroy.can love keep people alive.can love kills.if u ask me what make a relationship last,its not love.its 2 people who work together with determination to make it amount of love can save a relationship once one party decide enough is in another word,love is just a phoney thing to base a relationship on.there mutual respect,theres mutual benefit,theres mutual happiness,theres mutual everything..once the mutualness start to wear off,thats when the relationship strat to crumble,piece by ask yourself,what love really is..

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