Monday, April 19, 2010


have u ever ask urself what is it that u look for in ur life.have u ever wonder why u work so hard(if u work hard that is).have u ever thought the reason u do all the things u do.why u go to the movie,why u buy that shirt,why u go out n meet up with friend and why u read that book.would u agree if i say that what u look for is HAPPINESS.but the thing is,happiness is a tricky thing.many of us tricked into thinking that money can make us happy albeit everyone have heard the saying that money cant buy happiness.well,why did u work so hard if u r not after the the answer for what we look for in our life is lots of money in hope it will lead us to happiness.but will money make us really happy.thats the question that only time and money will the meanwhile,can i have that lots of money first..?


  1. money is not everything but yet everything needs money. -_-

  2. a wise man somewhere once said money is the root of all evil..and theres another wise man said evil is the root of all money..