Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my way,or the highway..

theres only 2 way to look at things.theres a clear way and then theres a clouded way.clear way is when u do all the thinking,making the decision and taking the action with realistic approach.clouded way is when u put in ur feeling,ur emotion.more often than not,we will be divided of which way to approach things when something arise.this is because more often than not,our emotion,feeling and such will always manage to be on the other side of sensibility,rationality and let alone realistic approach.and we actualy aware of this.we know we are doing this.we know we are mixing things that should not...ok.this is not what i have in mind actually..this is not even close to the issue i wanna write..but what the heck,this is my blog and im entitled to write whatever i want here..

1 comment:

  1. I often think in the clouded way that you speak of, though I know it will (most of the time) lead to things which I later cannot rectify. I try to change but its so difficult. I've just for now resigned myself to being one who thinks in that way, and if it leads to unpleasant things in the future, so be it. Cross the bridge when I reach it I suppose. Consequences be damned. Probably not wise. Sigh.