Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when all hope is lost

someone mentioned a word "hope" to me today.and if u notice,this workd actually meeb mentioned quite a lot of times in movies,books n such.what is actually this thing we call hope.is it just something we cling onto when we dont really have anything left,or its a force that keep driving us.or its a feeling we use as a motivationl source.or its just a mere word.hope come in many shape and size.and just like love,hope can be disapointing when things dont turn into hope's favour.and quite often people mistook hope for dream.hope is something nore honest and humble in nature.while dreams is something more flamboyant,more of the greedy or ambitious side of things.we hope things turn out nice but we dreams things tu be grand.hope keep us alive while dreams can kills.hope should never geen given up but dreams is "give-upable"(yes thats a word that i dont really know really exist or not but u got what i mean right)more often than not we dream of something that not within our mean to achieve.hope means faith.hope means willpower.hope means survival instinct.hope means living.and dreams means living larger than life.hope keep u alive while dreams make u wish u have a different life.hope is real.dreams is not so.hope is a pray while dreams most of the time is just a wishful thinking...

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