Wednesday, May 5, 2010

seek not what u dont know

we often look for something in all the wrong place.try as hard as we can,we wouldnt find it when its not there in the first place.and we are so blinded by our cause that we didnt realise we are in the wrong path until its too late to turn without inflicting some damage,to our self or others.we jump into conclusion when its too early to decide about anything.we carry forward without taking a step back to think clearly.we are deafened by the roar of empty promises we make to our self.and we work so hard on making it through we end up breaking it.we ignore the sensiblities,we ignore the advice,we become unwise for we are consumed with the pursuit of something we dont even understand in the first place.yet we still didnt try to fully understand it.because we keep saying once we found it,we will understand what its all about.but we are fooling nobody but our own self..

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