Tuesday, January 1, 2013

not just another new year again..

this 2013 will be different.with PRU 13 looming ever closer,its not gonna be 'just another year'.its gonna be 'sink or swim' for both side of the fence.some will argue that we had it good enough all this while so why we should change.but i disagree.change for a better than 'good enough' is always good.for tens of years,we been robbed in plain sight,broad daylight in the name of progress,development,national pride and whatnot.so id say lets make 2013 the best year we gonna have.lets not afraid to take steps toward proper change.do whatever u can with whatever u have.take steps,not just be a sideliner like in 2012,2011,2010.enough is enough.this time we show 'THEM', we wont tolerate it anymore.and this year,its either u are with us or with 'THEM'.

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