Thursday, February 9, 2012

and its 2012 time flies...thats what we often said when we realize its almost over.or already over in most case.but often time thats not our sentiment when we slowly n gingerly steps the passage of time as we pass through it.especially when we dont have much to do.when we gota wait and sitting idle.we didnt thought of productive way to capitalize on those free moments here n there.yeah,granted some will update their boredomness over twitter or facebook or whatnameyou social network that already took bulk of their allocated supposed-to-be-productive time.and they dare to wonder what the have done with their time all those while ago.stating 'im bored to death' on a dead screen not gonna change anything.a game or two of solitaire may.or pinball..or whatever took ur fancy.but for boredom sake dont tell people that u r bored.its ....well ....boring....hows that for a thought

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