Friday, June 25, 2010

the point is

the point of being straight to the point is to deliver a message as short and as sharp as possible.but sometimes there is something that need us to be astray from the point as much as possible in order to get the message across as exact as possible.the stuff that is just too complicated to put it in few simple words or few short sentences...and this entry is just a pointless dont bother looking for any message coz theres none.the point is,when looking for messages,or point,u gotta know what to look for.u gotta know how to differentiate between a point and the things that lead to a point.sometimes the point is so simple yet the way to deliver it need to be so complicated and it will cloud the real point.but for some reason,it just cant be made simple because it will not deliver the message if it any simpler.simplicity is a virtue but sometimes we need more that that..we need some complication to work our mind.thats the point of being complicated..

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